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Gaunty’s Portfolio at Emptees

Posted on 10 August 2009 by Shaun

I was browsing through Emptees recently and came across the work of a really cool designer, Gaunty. Gaunty has had designs printed at Design By Humans, Woot, Teefury, and a ton of other places. He has a pretty distinctive style and it’s easy to see he’s had success in the t-shirt world and why he deserves more. Check out these cool designs:


I love the absurdity of this design and can’t help but wonder what the guy did to tick off the pigeon. The gruesome details make this design shine, and is it just me or does it look like that lion statue in the background is laughing at the scene taking place in front of it?


Here’s another excellent, grizzly piece that features the little guys taking over. In this case those little guys are psycho meatballs strangling their would be diner with spaghetti. I love how the red sauce could be marinara or perhaps blood. I guess only the chef knows for sure.


Here’s a pretty original take on the classic zombie theme. I love the idea of a hockey playing member of the undead who opts for substituting a brain for a puck. Here’s a player I’m sure everyone will avoid checking.


This design seems much more cheery at first glance, that is until you notice the little guys clinging to the cubes of sugar for dear life. The cloud like quality of the guy’s beard also does a great job of adding to the stormy quality of the design.


This hoodie design is cool. The ghost in the back is fantastic and the whole thing has a really cool, decadent feel to it. Hell of a portfolio Gaunty! It’s easy to see why your fan base is growing and your exposure is getting bigger.

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