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Best Young Brands of 2008

Posted on 30 December 2008 by Shaun

‘08 Emptees Edition

These are my picks for the stand out brands of the year. These are all young companies that are taking the industry by storm. Continue Reading

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Undefeated Billboard Project

Posted on 26 December 2008 by Shaun

The Undefeated Billboard Project is a unique collaboration between Undefeated, Aaron Rose and Nike. Perched above the Undefeated location on La Brea in Los Angeles, California the Undefeated Billboard Project is a reflection of our store and the culture it represents.

It takes the work of both fine artist and street artist and places it in an area where it normally wouldn’t be displayed. This collaborative effort lends for a stunning addition to the visual landscape of Los Angeles.

To see more and get the full story visit

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GoMedia Hoodie Template Preview

Posted on 20 December 2008 by Shaun

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Hoodie Templates

Posted on 20 December 2008 by Shaun

So if you do not know who GoMedia is then you need to get in the game and do some homework…for those of you who do know of them then you know that the quality Continue Reading

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AOK Winter ‘08 Drop

Posted on 16 December 2008 by Shaun

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AlrightOK Interview

Posted on 16 December 2008 by Shaun

Here is an interview I just did with Ryan from AlrightOK, he is making all the right moves in my opinion to getting a solid brand off the ground. Continue Reading

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The Science of Relabeling

Posted on 07 December 2008 by Shaun

A few days ago I posted some info on registering your brand and some things to look into when doing so. Continue Reading

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Registering your Brand

Posted on 02 December 2008 by Shaun

Ok so I have been getting asked this a lot, “I would like to start my own brand, I have the designs ready to be printed but do I need to register my company and get a trademark?” Continue Reading

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